Board of Directors

Diane Stricker - Executive Director

Doris Schuster - Secretary

Pastor Charlene Gougen - Director, Spiritual Advisor

Rob Smith - Director, Business Specialist


Planning Team

Diane Stricker - Events Coordinator

Doris Schuster - Prayer team / Resource Coodinator, Administrator,

Rob Smith - Technical Support

Joanne Kiss - Food Co-ordinator

Jenn Dunleavey - Food Co-ordinator, Distribution


Events Team

Marketing Team:

   Thain Creative - Graphic / Website Designer

   Shawn Ward - Graphic Designer

   Jenan Joseph - Tickets

   Wendy Thorburn - Graphics

Godfried Vanrooij - Sound Technician

Prayer Team Coordinator:  Doris Schuster

Holly Taylor - Database, Distribution


We are looking for volunteers for Friday, April 13th from 5 pm until 6:30 pm for set up, and again for tear down from 4:45 pm until 6:00 pm on Saturday, April 14th.  We SO appreciate your help!!  :)

If you feel you are gifted in any of the areas listed below, and you feel that God is leading you to our ministry, please text Diane at (705) 431-LIFE (5433), or email:  

Registration Coordinator

Speakers / Musicians Liason

Promotions Team, including contacting churches and distributing posters & brochures

Social Media Expert


Day of conference:  Greeters / Registration / Set up / Tear down