We are currently in the process of fulfilling each of the roles listed below.  If you feel God is leading you to our Ministry, please feel free to contact Diane at (705) 431-LIFE (5433).    

Diane Stricker, Event Coordinator

- Overlooking all aspects of the Event
- Creating Timelines and ensuring we’re on track
- The Venue / location of Event
- Speakers – identifying the topics and hiring Speakers
- Radio Ads – Coordinating with the radio station, scripting to Sponsors
- Agenda
- Website Updates

 Marketing Coordinator / Team (TBA)

- Responsible for all aspects of graphics for all promotional materials, working with Coordinator
- Hiring a Graphic Artist to create marketing materials and overlooking the progression to completion
- Ensure consistency of the Theme with all materials
- Facebook video – hire person to produce video, overlook, approval with Coordinator
- Printing - hire company to print and complete, pick up
- Distribution – Coordinating the distribution of the posters, brochures
- Work with the Social Media expert to release the Facebook video

Administrator, Doris Schuster

- Minutes – taken at monthly meetings
- Communications – of minutes and of upcoming meetings to the team
- Invoices to Sponsors, responsible to ensuring payments are collected, issuing receipts
- Programs for the Event – getting them designed, printed and prepared for Event ensuring consistency with other materials

Cindy Scott, Sponsor Coordinator

- Sponsorship Packages – Working with Coordinator to design packages
- Sales – getting Sponsors for the Event by knocking on doors, phone calls and following up
- Being the “point of contact” for them
- Ensuring they are invoiced, asking for deposits and balances, and given receipts

Ibukun Ogunsina, Social Media Expert

- Update the Facebook page with a new look to reflect the new Event
- Advertising of the Event through Facebook, Twitter and Email promotions
- Tweet daily to build up Followers and to spread the word of the Event

Roy Snow, Music Coordinator

- Help hire Musicians with Event Coordinator
- Coordinate rehearsal space and times
- Responsible for getting Song Charts to band members
- Hire Sound Technicians

Rob Smith (Dr. Logik), Technical Expert

- Ensuring all of our technical needs are covered for the Event
- Help coordinate Sound Equipment / or Hire Sound Company
- Help coordinate with Eventbrite set up
- Live Streaming Video at Event

Food Coordinator (TBA)

- Organize all the food associated with the Event
- Work with volunteers and coordinate the kitchen / food & drinks on the day of the Event
- Purchase food & drinks for Event and arrange anything supplies / equipment needed (ie. coffee urns)

Cindy Scott, Volunteer / Onsite Coordinator

- Organize all aspect of the volunteers
- Including Registration desk, tickets, etc.
- Coordinator process to ensure a smooth process
- Ensure speakers & band members are on deck
- Coordinate Eventbrite, tickets, waiting lists, etc.

Christopher Miller, Treasurer

- Looking after all financial aspects of the Event
- Budgeting, ensuring we are staying within budget
- Working with Coordinator to price tickets
- Helping coordinate and encouraging financial donations
- Recording of expenses / sales
- Reporting to Beyond Borders Team