Breaking Free Women's Conference - Saturday, OCTOBER 29, 2016

For our conference this year, our theme is "breaking free" from bondages that we may or may not even be aware of in our lives by surrendering to Jesus Christ.  We will define what true salvation is, who our real enemy is, and how we have power over him.  Women will learn how repentance and forgiveness are true keys to freedom.  We will also help women of all ages understand the key areas of bondage that exist within us, the steps to inner healing, and what it truly means to be "free in Christ"!

Conference held at:  Hi-Way church, 50 Anne St. N. (just north of Dunlop St), Barrie.

our Speakers

Christy Johnson is an award-winning Christian writer and an international speaker from Oklahoma.  She is our morning keynote speaker and the author of Love Junkies and 7 Steps for Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle.  As a soul-health advocate, her mission is to help women identify roots of bitterness, maintain joy in the midst of adversity and develop drama-free habits that help to improve relationships. 

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is the co-host for a national TV show, The 700 Club Canada, and she is our afternoon keynote speaker for this eventLaura-Lynn is also the author of Relentless Redemption. Her story will inspire women to realize that, no matter how tragic their journeys have been, God can take their adversities and give them beauty for ashes, encouraging them to believe that God still has a BIG plan for their lives.

Susan Rashotte is one of the Regional Directors for the Bethel Sozo ministry in Canada.  She has witnessed the powerful impact of this ministry, and teaches people how to walk in freedom and grow in their spiritual maturity.  She travels around the Country equipping believers to become authentic spiritual leaders that are changing our churches across the nation.


Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly."


Get ready to be set free!!